babyganics essentials gift set

Everything in your baby’s world is an invitation to explore. And touch. And taste. We believe cleaning & care products shouldn’t get in the way. Get your world baby-ready with the Babyganics essentials gift set. It includes everything from shampoo to lotion to dish soap and more, all made with plant-based, ingredients—so your baby can go forth and grow boldly. Housed in a reusable fabric cube, this is the perfect set for homes with babies (and the perfect addition to your registry)!

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Welcome your baby to your world.

Your baby’s on a mission: whatever it is, if they can get their hands on it, they’re going to want to see what it’s all about. It’s their job to explore. And it’s our job to help make that happen by making their world (and ours) as ready as it can be. So go on. Let ’em at it!

Clean Your Plate!

Clear your plate!

Our kitchen care essentials feature foaming technology and dual cleaning plant-based formulas to save time and use less water for washing, leaving your dishes and bottles squeaky clean and free from icky residue.

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Let them make a splash.

Tear-free for eyes and gentle on skin, all of our bath products are designed to generate the ultimate soothing suds. Now that’s the way to keep bathtime fun, baby!

Clean Your Plate!

Explore the great indoors.

Your hallway is a highway. So it’s important to make sure your home cleaning products are made with babies in mind—because your baby's world doesn't end where yours begins. And vice versa!

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Get out there!

Exploring new sensations is a big part of your baby’s brain development. That’s why our outdoor care products are all formulated and tested with babies in mind.

Let’s get started!

From bathtime care to household cleaners, our Essentials Gift Set includes everything you need to start creating a world that’s ready for your baby:

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

shampoo + body wash, chamomile verbena

Thick, soft, instant-foam gently cleanses from head to toe and rinses clean, leaving your baby’s hair and skin soft and nourished. Includes 100% natural chamomile verbena fragrance.

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foaming dish + bottle soap, fragrance free

Our innovative foaming technology with dual cleaning agents saves time, needs less water for washing, and rinses free. Mad for tough dishes and gentle babies!

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

moisturizing daily lotion, chamomile verbena

Plant-based ingredients, our 100% natural NeoNourish® Seed Oil Blend, and 100% natural chamomile verbena fragrance combine to create a natural, soothing lotion. It's your baby’s daily dose of TLC!

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alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer, mandarin

Our moisturizing, Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer featuring 100% natural mandarin fragrance is a must-have for irresistible babies. Get your hands on it!

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bubble bath, chamomile verbena

Tear-free for eyes and gentle on skin, this bathtime essential provides serious cleaning and nourishing skincare during splashtime. Includes 100% natural chamomile verbena fragrance. Go forth and foam!

Naturally fresh

toy, table & highchair wipes, fragrance free

Our handy Toy, Table & Highchair Wipes safely clean sticky messes on highchairs, toys, car seats, and every other surface your baby wants to touch.

“Love it! I bought it for my friend's shower because we think every baby should use this line.” - Babies"R"Us reviewer

Grow Boldly

Your world is your baby’s world too, and to them, it’s an irresistible invitation to explore. At Babyganics, we help you make that world adventure-ready with products that clean, protect and nourish. Because the more your baby is free to splash, crawl and discover their world, the more they’ll grow boldly.

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