Look out, world—baby explorers ahead!

There's a whole world of fun in the sun and your baby wants at it. Help protect your baby’s work-in-progress skin so they can get out there and explore already.

Our outdoor products (including sunscreens and DEET-free insect repellents) are made with your baby's skin in mind using plant-derived and certified organic ingredients. Your baby is a natural adventurer, so we say slather, spray and let 'em loose!

Outdoor protection with babies in mind

Our sunscreens are formulated with our NeoNourish® Seed Oil Blend—a mix of essential, skin nourishing seed oils—and our insect repellent is made with plant & essential oils like citronella and geranium.

Pediatrician & dermatologist tested

All of our outdoor products are formulated with plant-derived ingredients and are tested for efficacy by an expert team of pediatricians, dermatologists and hard-working moms and dads.

Perfect for every adventure

From sprays to sticks, creams and more, our sunscreens and bug repellents are there to protect your baby’s skin when you’re out and about together.

spf 50+ sunscreen
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spf 50+ sunscreen spray
spf 50+ sunscreen spray + natural insect repellent
spf 50+ sunscreen stick
insect repellent wipes
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natural insect repellent
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