Sail through bath time, one splash at a time.

A bathtub filled to the brim with made-for-baby bubbles? It’s not just bath time, it’s playtime! All of our bath time essentials (like shampoo, body wash and bubble bath) are tear-free, non-allergenic and pediatrician and dermatologist tested.

With natural, plant-based, certified organic and extra-gentle ingredients, a Babyganics bath means you know you’re good to go from head to tiny toes.

Featuring our 100% natural NeoNourish® Seed Oil Blend

Every one of our bath care essentials contain our special blend of natural and organic seed oils from tomato, sunflower, black cumin, cranberry and raspberry seeds to help nurture and nourish your baby’s developing skin.

Tear free & extra gentle

Our extra-gentle formulas contain nurturing ingredients for baby’s skin. So go ahead—make a splash and have a blast!

Pediatrician & dermatologist tested

Our bath products are tested for skin safety and then reviewed by Board Certified pediatricians and dermatologists to make sure they’re just as gentle on skin as they are effective.

bath and skin care essentials
bubble bath, chamomile verbena
bubble bath, fragrance free
conditioning shampoo + bodywash, chamomile verbena
conditioning shampoo + bodywash, fragrance free
good night bubble bath, orange blossom
night time shampoo + body wash, orange blossom
shampoo + body wash, chamomile verbena
shampoo + body wash, fragrance free
vapor bubble bath
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