Take a load off your mind with baby-safe laundry.

Say hello to adventure and goodbye to the stains that come with it. The big, beautiful world we share with our babies calls for our gentle, stain-fighting and baby-safe laundry products that work on everything you wash.

Our detergent, dryer sheets and stain erasers are baby-safe, eco-friendly and super-effective, so like everything we make, they get the job done without harmful ingredients.

Stain fighting

Your baby is a professional mess maker, so we create laundry products to get out the toughest stains while staying gentle on fabrics. So go ahead and celebrate the mess!

Plant-based ingredients

Our mission is to help parents create a baby-safe world, so our detergent harnesses the cleaning power of plant-based ingredients, and we never add harsh ingredients that can irritate ultra-sensitive skin.

Earth-friendly, family-ready

Big or small, with our laundry products, everything is left fresh, baby-safe and snuggle-ready. Plus, our triple concentrated detergent means you’ll have to run fewer loads of laundry...saving on water and time!

3x laundry detergent, fragrance free
3x laundry detergent, lavender
dryer sheets, fragrance free
dryer sheets, lavender
laundry essentials
natural wool dryer balls
stain & odor remover, fragrance free
stain eraser, fragrance free